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Freshpack, Duplex, paper for meat packaging

. Paper for meat packaging

This paper has a plastic film and is used to pack meat. It is available with a standard print or a name print in up to 3 colours.


. Paper for cheese or fish packaging

Paper with a plastic film used to pack cheese of fish. Available with standard print or name print in up to 3 colours.

Kaaspapier en Vispapier

. Salad rolls packaging

This is the launch of something new. Usually salad rolls are packed in Freshpack or sheets of paper. The problem with Freshpack is that the juice is trapped and therefore penetrates the bread. The problem with regular sheets of paper is that the fluid comes through the paper. We offer special paper made up of 2 layers so that the salad roll has a layer to absorbe the juice and a second layer that can be printed. Available in standard design or with your personal print.



. White kraft paper duplex

White kraft paper of 40 or 50 grams with a plastic film. Available in 3 colour print. This packaging is for those who want a little extra.