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Paper and cardboard in sheets

Newsprint paper, cassÚpapier

This paper is the best alternative if you are looking for something to pack, protect and use as filling. This is a 45 grams paper that can be ordered in any size you desire.

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courantpapier courantpapier courantpapier courantpapier courantpapier

Cutting Sheets 

Machines that are able to manage a large range of products (even printing). Everything from 30 grams to 450 grams. Rolls from 300 mm up to 2200 mm. 2 different sheet cutting machines which each have their own advantages. Bulk piled on pallets so these can be printed or receive further treatment afterwards. Also packed in reams per kg or number of sheets.

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vellenversnijding vellenversnijding vellenversnijding vellenversnijding vellenversnijding

Printed sheets

Printing of sheets (from roll to sheet) in flexoprint. It is ideal to print kraft paper sheets, helio paper and even newsprint paper. You can see a standard design from our range on the pictures below.

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bedrukte vellenbedrukte vellen